Uttanasana – The standing reverse posture

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For me the standing bend is a classical yoga posture. It can be found in many yoga flows for example in the sun salutation. Usually it is integrated into the flows as a resting or relaxing posture.

Uttanasana has many beneficial but also challenging qualities. Letting your upper body hang helps you to let go, to surrender to gravity and gives you the feeling of being close to the earth. Especially for beginners, the unpleasant pull on the back of the legs is very difficult. This makes it all the more important not to force oneself into this asana but to work carefully towards it. Every body is different and has different needs. Listen to him and give it time. There are postures that succeed better, easier, faster. Other poses require a lot of practice and patience









The following positive effects are just some of the benefits of the reverse standing posture:

  • Has a calming effect on the mind and the entire nervous system
  • Stretches the lower back and the back of the leg muscles
  • Helps to relieve tension in the neck and back
  • Can help with high blood pressure
  • Opens and relaxes the shoulder area
  • It is said to have a healing effect on stomach and menstrual complaints
  • Relaxes the eye muscles
  • Counteracts depression, anxiety and fatigue

Although, I have often encountered the pose in yoga flows, I have never dealt with it in detail. When I recorded the sun salutation just to see how I do the exercises, I realized that I am far away from the ideal posture. At that moment I decided to intentionally devote myself to this pose for two weeks.

I have read articles about this asana in books and on the Internet. I watched several videos with exercises and asked my friends and family for tips. Thanks to everyone who provided me with exercises. A big thank you to Sabrina, who even made a video with exercises for me.

I recorded my progress in pictures. At first I didn’t really think much had happened. Of course I will continue to work on the pose but I must honestly say that I am proud of myself. Even if the asana does not yet look like it should I have already achieved a lot within a short time. And I know there’s more!

On my Youtube channel you will find a video with exercises that can help to train the posture. Take a look and try it out.

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