Sirsasana – The King of Asanas

This article is about my currently absolutely favorite asana, the headstand. This posture is one of the most soothing and effective positions for the mind and body. Sirsasana not only turns your body upside down, but in a certain way also the world and the complete system of you. The blood flows in a different direction, for movements a different pattern of thought is needed, your body is recalibrated at this moment. They say that practicing the headstand is like a new beginning for body and mind. For me personally, this pose is pure relaxation.

Sirsasana is an attitude that basically everyone can learn, as long as no physical complaints are present. If you have neck, shoulder or back problems or high blood pressure, please check in advance whether this pose is suitable for you and how you can best prepare your body for it.

The headstand has become a symbol for the yoga abilities of a yogi, it takes a lot of practice to learn it. Because of his acrobatic challenges and his positive effects on the body, he is also called the King of Asanas.


The effect of Sirsasana on our body

The headstand helps to train the optimal posture for the spine. When performed correctly, the fifth lumbar vertebrae are relieved, allowing the intervertebral discs to expand. The reversal position supplies the carotid artery with more blood, which promotes blood circulation in the spine, the sympathetic system, the brain, the scalp and the face. The heart is relieved by the inverse effect of gravity, thereby positively supporting the circulation. By strengthening the neck muscles, back pain and tension in the lower back can be relieved. Regular practice can also have the following other benefits:

  • Increases concentration and sensory perception
  • Improves memory performance
  • Helps against constipation, varicose veins and renal colic
  • Strengthens willpower and self-confidence
  • Promotes courage and helps against fear
  • Diseases of eyes, nerves, nose and neck can be healed.
  • Helps with asthma and other breathing problems
  • Reduces hair loss and slows down the graying of hair
  • Slows down the process of skin aging in the face

I usually do the headstand as the last exercise of a yoga session, because it brings me into an absolute state of relaxation. At the beginning it was very unusual for me to stay in this pose. I had the feeling that all the blood was in my face and my head was starting to burn as it became quite warm due to the effort and tension in the head area. Meanwhile I’m just enjoying this moment. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. In order to challenge myself, I try to make other poses from the headstand, such the L-shape, the cross-legged one, for example.

I would be very happy if you leave a comment to share your experiences with us. Thank you very much!

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