Labadee – Private Resort of Royal Caribbean

Labadee is located in the north of Hispaniola Island, 200 km from the capital Port-au-Prince and 10 km from Cap-Haitien. The place was named after the first settler in the area, the French Marquis La Badie.

The land is expected to be leased to Royal Caribbean by 2050. Due to the political unrest in Haiti in 2004, Royal Caribbean temporarily suspended the journey. In 2009, investments of approximately $55 million were made to make the resort even more attractive to crusaders. The following attractions await you:

Summer toboggan run
Water park with large slide
Spa Cabanas
Barbeque Restaurant
Basketball and volleyball court
Shops and souvenir stands
and much more…

Those who like a bit of action will certainly find a suitable offer in the water sports park. Children have the possibility to splash in the water basin and explore the place in their own way.

If you are on the island and want to experience something unique, then I recommend to try the Dragon Flight. The Zipline is the longest above water and offers a breathtaking view over the resort. The price for the adventure is around 105 dollars and can be booked exclusively with Royal Caribbean.

Tip: There are always discounts for the various activities. Price with discount is about 80 dollars for the Zipline. The same also applies to beverage packages etc.

Further information on the cruises can be found here.

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