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Even as a child I loved eating (that was obvious to me!) and helping my mother cook. Even today
there hasn’t been much change, except that I don’t try to buy clothes in a bigger size every month 🙂
A healthy and balanced nutrition is important to me, but I can’t always keep to it. Like most people, I
also treat myself to a piece of delicious chocolate cake or a McDonald’s burger.

Although I love cooking, I don’t like to take too much time during the week. Usually tired from work I
try to create something delicious without spending a lot of time on it. It sometimes happens that a
new recipe is created that almost everyone can re-cook.

I love cooking shows like Swiss Dinner, the kitchen impossible or shows like “Mini Beiz, dini Beiz”! The
candidates and their recipes inspire me and often help me to find an answer to the question “What
do I cook today? I also like to be served, so I go to eat in restaurants. Sometimes it tastes good,
sometimes it doesn’t. In the blog I let you know which restaurants I visit and how I felt the culinary

Another great passion of mine is travelling. Sun, beach and sea are on my agenda at least once a year.
I was on a cruise for the first time in 2015 and since then I have usually been on a big ocean in
autumn. At the weekend my friend (my more attractive half) and I like to discover places, hotels etc.
in Switzerland and surrounding countries. We have already found some pearls and will take you on
our trips in the future. Beside blogs I will put you, whenever possible, also vlogs online.

Certain things in life come when the time is right. That’s how I came to Yoga. Every day I enjoy the 5
to 40 minute videos of Mady Morrison and practice myself in agility and attentiveness. I am a bloody
beginner. I regularly plan to entertain you with my newly acquired knowledge and my progress.
More about me and my humble lifestyle 😉 you’ll find out when you check the blog regularly. I wish
you interesting, informative, funny and exciting reading.

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