Île Sainte Marguerite – An oasis of peace before Cannes

Cannes is known for its international film festivals and is a meeting place for high society. If you want to escape all the glamour, you will find an oasis of tranquillity only a few minutes away from the mainland.

By ferry you can reach the island of Sainte Marguerite in only 15 minutes. The crossing costs about 15 Euro per person, children pay about 10 Euro. The 150 hectare island has a lot to see and do. As soon as you leave the boat, the smell of pines and eucalyptus trees reaches you. A very relaxing fragrance for me personally. To experience the island in its full splendour, it is advisable to follow the marked paths.


There are no vehicles on the island, it is only accessible on foot. It is also important to know that drones, bicycles and fishing are forbidden on the island.

For those who simply want to relax a little, there is the possibility to swim on the stone beach only a few meters away from the pier. Personally, I prefer sandy beaches. However, it is sufficient for a cooling down. From here you also have an open view of Cannes.

For all those who would like to experience something, I recommend to go round the island once. The hiking trails are very well marked and also suitable for excursions with children. There are several places where you can have a picnic. So it’s worth taking your backpack with you. There are official barbecue areas. Please don’t make a fire just anywhere to roast your sausage. Especially in summer the ground is very dry and a fire that spreads would be unstoppable!

A few minutes’ walk from the pier is the island’s main attraction, a former fortress, the so-called Fort Royal. The fortress served as a state prison for years. From 1687 to 1698 the mysterious man with the iron mask, whose identity has not yet been conclusively clarified, was imprisoned. A tour is highly recommended. The fortress also houses the Sea Museum, which tells the history of the town. There is also a restaurant nearby. So if you want to strengthen yourself before the hike, you can do so here.

Walking through the beautiful forest you will discover breathtaking viewpoints and hidden bathing places. The crystal clear water invites you to jump into the cool water. Care should be taken, however, as there are many sharp stones in the water and moor yachts around the island.

If you are travelling in the region and would like to relax, I can highly recommend a day trip to the island. Pure nature!


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